*As of September 2, 2021

Keynote Lectures

Yozo Fujino

Josai University, Japan

Research Interests: Infrastructure, bridges, dynamics, control, monitoring

“Lecture Title: Vibration-based monitoring for condition assessment of civil infrastructure”

Kazuhiko Kasai

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Research Interests: Building Vibration Control, Building Base Isolation, Steel Structures, Full-and- Reduced Scale Experiments, Design of Three-Directional Loading Test Facility

“Lecture Title: E-Defense Shake-Table Tests and Correlative Analyses on Full-Scale 5-story Buildings with/without Dampers”

Eugene J. O'Brien

School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin, Ireland

Research Interests: Bridge Health Monitoring, particularly drive-by monitoring, Vehicle/Bridge Dynamic Interaction, Bridge Traffic Loading, Weigh-in-Motion

“Lecture Title: Fleet Monitoring - Using Sensors in a Fleet of Passing Vehicles to Monitor the Health of Bridges”

Yang Wang

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering & School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Research interests: Structural health monitoring, Vibration testing, System identification, Finite element model updating

“Lecture Title: Finite Element Model Updating with Vibration Testing Data: A Non-Convex Optimization Perspective”